How to join and interact with Facebook groups


Facebook groups, what are they?

Facebook groups are created as a place to connect with others about common interests. You can share related content, discuss issues, post photos and videos and express objectives.

Don’t have a Facebook account? Scroll to the bottom of the blog to find out how to sign up.

How to join a group

  • In the search bar at the top of your browser, type the name of the group you wish to join
  • Press enter or click the search icon (to the right of the search bar)
  • Click 'join' to submit your request
  • You will receive a Facebook notification (red circle appears with the bell icon at top right of browser) once your request is accepted're in!

Here's some ideas of groups you can join

The below image instructs how you can post photos and videos and share inspiration, tips, support and ideas! 

Sign up for Facebook

  • Click here to navigate to Facebook & then follow the steps below
  • Under 'Sign up' type your information into the relative spaces
  • Once you submit the information, Facebook will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided
  • A 'Confirm your account' button will then appear
  • A numerical code is sent to your email and you may be required to type this is before proceeding