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  • New

    Annual General Meeting

    The 2017 Annual General Meeting for Burnie Brae Ltd. will be held on Wednesday 20th September at 9.30.

    All Ordinary and Life Members are invited to attend.

    For further details phone Peter Bradfield on 3624 2121.

  • New

    Van promoting Project Pantry

    Van wrap

    Our food support program, Project Pantry will be promoted more widely in the community thanks to a recent vehicle wrap which has been applied to their van.

    The brightly coloured wrap with a photo taken at a recent Market Day showing our Project Pantry volunteers, can’t be missed and is a great way of getting the word out in the community about this fantastic service.

  • New

    Burnie Brae Board Recruitment


    As part of our governance practices, Burnie Brae is committed to a process of Board development that incorporates the skills, experience and knowledge required to facilitate the future growth of our organisation.  In line with this commitment the Board is currently seeking suitably qualified persons to join its ranks.

    We are currently seeking expressions of interest from people with qualifications or work experience in the following areas:


    Legal Services

    Business development

    Property/Project Development

    Travel Industry

    Community / Health Services


    Application Process

    To assist your understanding of the requirements of a Director of the Board, we ask that you firstly read through the

    Role Description.

    Secondly, please provide your Resume with a Letter of Interest outlining

    1. The reasons you are interested in being a Director of the Board
    2. The skills and experience you would contribute to the Board


    Neville Mew,


    60 Kuran Street Chermside          P 3624 2121         E     admin@burniebrae.org.au      www.burniebrae.org.au
  • Updated

    Purchase your 2017 Entertainment Book through Burnie Brae

    We are fundraising again with the Entertainment books which provide great discounts and offers on a wide range of cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues in Brisbane. Its still just $65 and can be ordered through the link.  Click here

    or pre-order from Burnie Brae reception (There are early bird offers for people who want to pre-order).

    Purchase through Burnie Brae and help us raise funds!



  • New

    No Line Dancing classes until the end of April

    Attention all Line Dancers:

    There will be no Line Dancing classes and no social dances at Burnie Brae Chermside or Fitzgibbon Community Centre until the week commencing 24th April due to Brett Jenkins being away.

    The Tuesday Intermediate class will resume on Tuesday 2nd May due to the Anzac Day public holiday.

  • New

    Research shows exercise is a tonic for health


    Muscling Up Against Disability Project

    Resistance training is a powerful but under-utilised approach in the battle against later life disability. While more and more older adults are becoming proactive about their personal health, few are turning to weight bearing and resistance training exercises to promote and maintain their muscle mass and strength. Good muscle tone and strength are essential for common activities of daily living. For those who do become involved in this training, the benefits extend from reduced disability, falls risk and chronic disease symptoms, to increased bone mineral density and cognitive wellbeing. In effect, weight bearing and resistance training exercises offer an all-over head-to-toe tonic for better health!


    The Muscling Up Against Disability (MUAD) Project has embraced this knowledge. Supported by a Healthy Aging grant from the Australian Government Department of Health (Aged Care Service Improvement), the MUAD Project delivers 24 weeks of twice weekly progressive resistance plus balance training to older Australians with Commonwealth Home Support Program packages. Participants train in a community gym-clinic, using age-specific HUR resistance training equipment, and are guided, supported and motivated by Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Over 240 adults 65 – 92 years have participated, experiencing on average greater than a 230% increase in upper- and lower-body, and core strength!

    Within the MUAD Program group there have been some inspirational stories about how participation has led to incredible positive change in the individual’s life. Three of these are given below. Encouragingly, participants have experienced such benefit that over 80% now pay $10 per session to attend our follow-on program Club MUAD.


    Case Study 1

    Mrs Annette Barker is a 90-year-old woman, who became a professional dressmaker after leaving school early and married at 25 years of age to start her family. A highly driven woman, Annette unfortunately lost her husband last year during the exercise phase of the MUAD Program. Appreciative of the value to her health, after only one week of mourning Annette returned to the gym. Having had a stroke 6 years earlier, which left her with short-term memory loss, Annette is now more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. While she has 4 other comorbidities, she is highly motivated to stay fit in her later years.

    Mrs Barker joined the MUAD Project in 2015 and finished her exercise participation in December 2016. While always active, participation in the MUAD Project has opened a new doorway in her life. Annette can often be found teaching the exercise physiology staff ballet moves and stance as repayment for them teaching her how to ‘pump-iron’.

    In addition, Mrs Barker experienced a:

    • 11% increase in her normal walking speed, a measure reflective of her capacity in activities of daily living and her ability to stay socially connected.
    • 41% increase in isometric leg extension strength, a measure reflective of her increased capacity to walk and step up, onto and over objects.

    After a long affiliation with Burnie Brae (who delivered the MUAD Project), she was excited to receive a letter of invitation to join the program. Her family said “Go for It”, and so she did. Her global summary of MUAD was she “liked it” and wanted to “continue on with it”. She elaborated: “I liked the company of the staff who run it. So, I liked the social part of it and I did enjoy doing it (the exercise)”. Annette explained that her “balance is good” and acknowledged “that’s the part that has improved” and that her (61 year old) daughter, who was an Exercise Physiologist, “had read the report”, “liked it” and this is why “I’ve continued on with it (Club MUAD)”.

    While the cost of continuing is not an issue for her, she did wryly warn others “it’s (the equipment) hard, a couple of machines make you work very hard”. But her message for any Minister for Health was simple: “It’s a wonderful project”.


    Case Study 2

    Mrs Karla Buchanan is a 78-year-old woman who was a check-out operator until 21 years of age after which she settled down and raised a family. Recently widowed and with increasing age, Karla has experienced an increase in chronic disease symptoms including a recent battle with bowel cancer that ended with a large portion of her bowel being removed. This, the recent heat and a lack of appetite means she has lost weight much to her doctor’s disproval and dismay.

    Mrs Buchanan joined the MUAD Project in 2015 and finished her exercise participation in December 2016. In addition to an outspoken enjoyment of wearing K-mart sourced gym gear, Karla has experienced some notable results from participation.

    In addition, Mrs Buchanan experienced a:

    • 26% increase in her chair rising capacity, a measure reflective of her ability to remain independent and in her own home.
    • 85% increase in isometric leg extension strength, a measure reflective of her increased capacity to walk and step up, onto and over objects.
    • 19% increase in grip strength, indicating an improved total body strength and resistance to physical and cognitive decline.

    In a conversation about the MUAD Project, Mrs Buchanan offered an emotional, inspirational reflection that captured the healing power of exercise that made realising a promise requested of her deceased husband possible.

    Following her bowel cancer and bowl resection 7 years ago Karla was forced to give up bowls and confessed she “was in a bad way”. So when the invitation from Burnie Brae came through to participate in the MUAD program she said “Yes!” Mrs Buchanan saw this as a way “to get back to bowls, my goal was to get back to bowls”. For Karla, “at the end of the 6 months’ exercise, I could stand on one leg. This might not mean much to you, but for me, my balance … it was a great achievement”. Karla is adamant that MUAD made her “stronger with my muscles”.

    During the conversation, Mrs Buchanan gave further examples of how the MUAD Program had changed her life. She recounted: “Now I can bend over to dig weeds, cut bushes, trim them. I love doing that at 4 am, so that when my daughter comes to do the garden, it’s not a big job. I can keep it to my height. I can do more cleaning. I can do that, in the house, and shopping. I can go shopping without my walker and I can do my shopping for longer than I could before.” She is adamant “Exercise gave this all to me!”.

    Mrs Karla Buchanan’s key message for any Minister for Health was: “It’s been fantastic for me; and my family see the difference”.


    Case Study 3

    Mr Mark Smith is a 66-year-old male, who worked his entire life in the public service until retiring some 10 years ago. Due to advanced osteoarthritis Mark had a total knee replacement shortly before commencing the MUAD exercise program. In addition to osteoarthritis, Mr Smith had 4 other comorbidities that require daily medication. Mark’s wife (Margaret), a retired domestic cleaner, has been caring for him and her elderly mother. Mark’s mother-in-law also attended the program.

    Mr Smith joined the MUAD project in 2015 and finished his exercise participation in December 2016. Participation has increased Mark’s ambulating capacity and he currently does not require the assistance of his walking aids.

    In addition, Mr Mark Smith experienced a:

    • 25% increase in his normal walking speed, a measure reflective of his capacity in activities of daily living and his ability to stay socially connected.
    • 40% increase in his chair rising capacity, a measure reflective of his ability to remaining independent and in his own home.
    • 36% increase in isometric leg extension strength, a measure reflective of his increased capacity to walk and step up, onto and over objects.
    • 7% increase in grip strength, indicating an improved total body strength and resistance to physical and cognitive decline.

    When asked about how he felt participation in the MUAD program had changed his life, he spoke often about his increased capacity around the home and community, and his wife Margaret had a few positive things to say also.


    In Mark’s words, the MUAD Project “was pretty good, did us a lot of good”. He explained it led to improved mobility and strength, which meant he could do “handyman things such as mowing and doing the edges” and that he was “sleeping better and had better physical health”.

    Mr Mark Smith’s key message for any Minister for Health was as follows: “The benefits outweigh the cost. It keeps people out of rehab’. We looked forward to going. We don’t have the equipment at home, so can’t do those exercises. It is worthwhile health-wise and saves the Government money in the long run.”

    Mrs Smith would not let the conversation end there. As the carer to her mother (who also attended the MUAD program) and her husband Mark, she agreed that with the program she had seen great improvements. Importantly, for her as a carer she said she was less burdened by her role because “they (the pair of them) could do things!” Where family caregivers shoulder significant physical and emotional burdens in this role, Margaret described a positive story about her husband as “less frustrated” and how “it was wonderful to see my mother walking”. When describing the impact on her mother: “she changed her clothes to be more suitable, she lifted her feet, she loved the staff there. I noticed a difference in her mind, she looked forward to going there twice a week, to get out of the house. I noticed a difference”.

    Benefits aside, both Mark and Margaret were concerned about the impact to their budget if they were to continue and have to pay the weekly gym fee.


    The aged care system in Australia rewards disability. Aged care financial support increases with increasing disability, and few incentives exist for both service providers and the individual to positively modify their health pathway. The Muscling Up Against Disability Program (MUAD-P) gives proof to the sector that with targeted exercise, and in particular progressive resistance training, individuals can increase their health and wellbeing. Complementing what is presented above is other work showing reduced falls, fracture, hospitalisation and symptoms of chronic disease. When completed in August of 2017, the MUAD team will further this evidence by demonstrating the physical and cognitive benefits of participation, and how this model of care is more cost-effective than non-exercise usual care. Above are three good news stories about how participation in this innovative program can offer older Australian with aged care needs a pathway to improved health. In addition to these we have over 240 other participants with a multitude of other positive stories. Some have stopped needing a walking aid, some are more capable around the house, some take less pain medication, some feel they have more energy and some talk about experiencing life again in a positive way. However, if there is one thing all the older participants in the MUAD Project have experience it is an improved life. We believe that by sharing these how resistance training has led to an incredible positive change in my life stories, practitioners and policy-makers will start to reconsideration what healthy ageing can actually look like for older Australians.


    Prepared by: Dr Tim Henwood, Dr Anthony Tuckett, Dr Sharon Hetherington, Kevin Rouse and Maddie Purss.

    For more details about MUAD Project contact: Mr Kevin Rouse (rouse.k@burniebrae.org.au) or Dr Tim Henwood (tim@agefitsolutions.com.au)



  • New

    Fitzgibbon Community Centre

    In July 2016, Burnie Brae, Jabiru and SANDBAG joined together to form a new organisation that will manage the Fitzgibbon Community Centre, and are excited to announce that weekly community activities will be commencing

    in early February. The classes will be managed by Burnie Brae and are being offered in response to a community survey in which residents requested weekly fitness activities.

    The new management partnership have already been actively preparing the Centre for the community, with a major fit-out to the main hall, including lighting, air conditioning, three retractable walls and new kitchen equipment.

    Burnie Brae CEO, Kevin Rouse said he felt confident that the Centre will

    be well utilised by the community. “The Centre is a fantastic facility,

    and we are excited about contributing to the health and wellbeing of the

    local residents by providing a range of activities and events.”

    The design of the Centre, with its connection to bushland, proximity to local residents, businesses and future public transport, makes it a welcoming space

    that will provide people with many opportunities to participate in, and contribute to community life.

    Click here for details of current activities


  • New

    Café Connect Discount Days

    cc-flyer-v1-a4Thursday and Friday are Discount Days at Café Connect.   Currently have this great deal on coffee.  Buy two coffees and get one free.  Available until the end of December, 2016.

  • New

    Membership Renewal Time

    November marks the official beginning of our membership renewal time for 2017. There has never been a better time to be a Burnie Brae member, so we hope all members will take the small step towards renewing your membership with us either at our Centre Reception, on our website www.burniebrae.org.au, or by phoning 3624 2100.

    Please take the opportunity to make sure that we have your current personal details including email address so we can update our records if required.

    Members who renew by 31st December go into the draw to win 10,000 Burnie Brae Loyalty points which can be redeemed for items in our prize cabinets in Reception and Café Connect.

    Click here for details of our 2017 MemberPLUS deals

  • Updated

    Café Connect renovation is complete

    cafeFollowing a couple of months of disruption to our usual Café Connect service, our renovated Café is up and running again.  The renovation has not only given the café a new airy look, it has also increased the size of the kitchen area and added an outdoor eating area.  The new kitchen area has allowed greater scope in the menu selections.  As chef David West says,

    “We can now offer a greater range of food cooked on our premises and items that were not possible before, such as hot chips and burgers as a regular feature of the menu.”

    Click here for new Café menu.


  • New

    Burnie Brae Annual General Meeting

    Burnie Brae Ltd. will be holding its 2016 Annual General Meeting at its premises in 60 Kuran Street, Chermside, on Wednesday 21st September, 2016.

    The 2016 Annual Report and Financial Report is available for review by all members.

    Click here for 2016 Annual Report

    Click here for 2016 Financial Report

  • New

    North Brisbane Mental Health Expo

    nb-mental-health-expo-2016-save-the-date-003Burnie Brae is a proud sponsor of the annual Mental Health Expo which brings together government, non-government and private sector services in the one place to share mental health related information and resources with the community.

    TV celebrity Osher Gunsberg will be the guest speaker for this year’s event.

  • New

    Support Project Pantry

    Project Pantry is an unfunded food support program operated by Burnie Brae to provide food and personal care products to pensioners in our community.  One Saturday of every month, a Project Pantry market day is held with over 300 food hampers being distributed.  In addition to this an average of  80 free emergency food hampers per month are given to those in financial crisis.  There is also an increasing number of other charitable organisations who refer their clients to us for support. There is clearly a need for Project Pantry but without the support of the community, our program cannot be sustained long term.
    We need help to continue offering this service.

    As one Project Pantry recipient said it
    “Without Project Pantry to get me by, I don’t know how I would make it.  I am very, very grateful.”

    Please assist us so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of pensioners who rely on this program.

    Click here for information about how you can support Project Pantry.


  • New

    Calling for over 60s to take part in important research

    Falling is a huge problem for the modern day society but together we can be part of the solution.  Australian Catholic University is conducting a study into balance and gait and their relation to falls and are looking for people to participate.

    If you fit the following description (or know someone who does), please consider becoming involved.

    – You are 60 years or older

    – You have normal or corrected to normal vision

    – You are able to stand and walk without a walking aid and have no known balance disorders, lower limb injuries or signs of cognitive decline

    We will invite you for an assessment at the Australian Catholic University Campus in Banyo, that will take up 1-2 hours of your time. Furthermore, we will ask you to record the details of any falls that you may experience over the following 12-month period.

    With this assessment, you can gain insight in your own balance and locomotor capabilities. Also you can benefit from having vision and cognition professionally assessed.

    Click here for further details

    For more information and/or to sign up,

    please contact Steven van Andel:

    Phone: 0738616129

    Email: Steven.vanAndel@acu.edu.au

    Address: 1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo, QLD 4014


  • New

    BCC GOLD program coming in July

    Growing Older and Living Dangerously (GOLD), a Brisbane City Council Active and Healthy Lifestyle program, provides free or low-cost activities for residents 50 years and over.  Burnie Brae has GOLD program Craft classes commencing here in July and due to Council subsidy, these classes can be offered to members at $5.00 per person per week.  Details of the classes are as follows:

    Porcelain Painting

    Tuesdays – 12th July – 2nd August   1pm – 4pm

    Design and create a unique plate and bowl to take home.


    Silk Painting

    Tuesdays – 23rd August – 13th September   1pm – 4pm

    Each person will make a large piece that can be worn as a scarf, be made into a cushion or used as a wall  hanging.


    All welcome to come to these interesting classes but

    Bookings are essential 3624 2100


  • New

    New Burnie Brae card scanners

    Recently, a Burnie Brae membership card scanning system was implemented at the Centre.  This new system will allow us to reward our members just for attending Centre activities or buying food and drinks in the Cafe.

    Members now need to remember to  bring your membership card every time you come to the Centre so that points can be allocated to your membership card when you swipe. 

    The accumulated points can be used for Burnie Brae Loyalty Rewards which are on display in the Burnie Brae foyer and in the Cafe.

    How do I know how many points I have?

    Check your receipt when you make a purchase. You will see the total number of points you currently have on your purchase receipt.

    How long are the points valid for?

    Your points accumulate with each purchase and are valid for 12 months. The best way to accrue points is to keep swiping your card!

  • New

    Burnie Brae Gift Cards are now available

    Are you stuck for ideas for a friend’s birthday?BB gift card 2016 We have the solution. Burnie Brae Gift Cards are now available for purchase from Reception.

    These attractive cards in a presentation folder are a great gift idea for friends who already comes to Burnie Brae or those who are yet to experience it.

    You can nominate the amount that you want to spend. It can be any amount from $20 – $500. The amount you choose is then loaded on the card as credit.

    What can the card be used for?

    The card can be used for any goods purchased or activities operated by Burnie Brae including Healthy Connections Exercise Clinics.

    How long are the cards valid for?

    The card is valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. The valid until date will be written on the card.


  • New

    Birthday vouchers for members

    All Burnie Brae members receive a $6.00 Cafe birthday voucher as part of their membership.

    All vouchers are now loaded on to your membership card, so there is no longer any need to post out vouchers.

    Your birthday voucher is valid for 31 days from the date of your birthday and all you need to do to redeem your voucher is to go with your membership card to Cafe Connect during the 31 days that the voucher is valid for and let staff know you are using your voucher.

    You are free to choose anything from the Cafe menu that you would like as a special treat from us. If it doesn’t amount to $6.oo, the balance will remain on your card for that 31 day period.

    February birthdays

    We would like to apologise to members who missed out on their February birthday voucher. All members with birthdays in February will be able to use their birthday voucher up to the 31st of March, by simply taking your membership card into the Cafe and telling staff you are using your birthday voucher.

  • New

    Be quick! Fabulous prizes to be won!

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