About Healthy Connections Clinic


Healthy Connections, Chermside was launched in November 2011 as an initiative of Burnie Brae.

Healthy Connections Exercise Clinics provide affordable high quality exercise programs for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, chronic disease and cardiac complications. We are staffed exclusively by ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists, who are extensively trained in providing effective, safe and enjoyable exercise programs to assist in the treatment of all conditions.

The two modern and air-conditioned venues at Chermside offer a supported, relaxed and friendly environment for exercise.

Why Healthy Connections?

All sessions supervised by Accredited Exercise Physiologists

  • Individual exercise programs for health and fitness
  • Injury and Chronic Pain Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Diabetes Management Programs
  • Weight Management classes
  • Functional Strength and Falls Prevention
  • Exercise programs focusing on surgical preparation and rehabilitation
  • Exercise for those with Disability
  • Rehabilitative Home Visits

Healthy Connections won an Australia wide industry award as Exercise Physiology Practice of the Year 2015 and one of our staff members, Renee Weller won Graduate Exercise Physiologist of 2015.  

Make  Healthy Connections your exercise clinic of choice.


Other Services at Healthy Connections

Remedial Massage Services  Click here for more information

Is Healthy Connections for me?

When joining Healthy Connections, you can expect a high level of client care, supervision and safety. We ensure this by;

  • A comprehensive Health and Fitness Assessment for all new members to determine any injuries or conditions present which may affect your exercise prescription
  • An individualized exercise program specific to you, your ability level and goals
  • Full supervision by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at all times to ensure safety, promote proper technique and to provide advice

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Healthy Connections Clinic


Healthy Connections Clinic

60 Kuran Street, Chermside, Queensland, Australia

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I was overweight and struggling with my diabetes control when I joined Healthy Connections exercise clinic. Since attending I have lost weight and dropped my insulin usage from 26 to 12 units per day. I feel good about myself and I look forward to every session.

Denise, Northgate


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