Brush up on home security


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Break-ins not only result in financial losses but also leave victims feeling vulnerable and violated. Read on for our top six tips to stay safe this summer.

This may sound like a no-brainer but unlocked doors and windows can allow someone access to your home – even when you are inside it. Be sure to lock your doors and windows at night and during the day if you are in a different zone of your home. Of course, during the summer months, windows should be left open for ventilation but make a habit of closing windows in rooms that are unoccupied.

Don’t place keys outside under door mats or in pot plants, items in these locations can be found easily. If you are going away and need to leave a key behind it is much safer to give a trusted family member or friend their own spare key to keep.

As much as it’s easy to drop your keys in a bowl by the door when you return home, it, unfortunately, isn’t the safest place. Place items such as keys, cash, wallets, laptops and mobile phones out of sight, as these can be easily targeted, quick to remove and disposed of by offenders. 

Ask for credentials from all salespersons or unannounced contractors who request entry to your home. If you’re doubtful, check with their office before letting them in.

As much as we assume everyone has good intentions, it is sadly not always the case. Refrain from sharing personal details with strangers, such as where you live or when you are going on holiday. This goes for interactions in person and online.

Enquire about Home Assist Secure at Burnie Brae

A police-trained security assessor can conduct a security assessment on your home and recommend security-related repairs or improvements. You may be eligible for a subsidy towards minor home maintenance, modifications and repairs that relate to your health, safety and security and are necessary for you to remain living in your home.

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