Dancing: More than a Hobby!


Swing, foxtrot or boot scoot your way into good health! Dancing is known to reduce falls risk, improve memory and encourage social bonds. The reason for this may lie in the fact that it requires a few skills to be put into practice simultaneously. Dancing requires balance and coordination, it makes use of the aerobic system and even challenges your cognitive function, we’ll grapevine to that!

Dancing has cognitive benefits

in Ageing Neuroscience” researchers assigned a group of adults aged from 60 to 80 one of three activities: brisk walking, balance training and dance classes. Those in the dance group kicked their heels thrice weekly, with country dance and choreography classes. At the conclusion of the experiment all participants undertook a series of brain scans aimed to assess the impact of exercise on brain deterioration. The dancing group fared best with lower levels of deterioration compared to the other two groups, study conductor Aga Burzynska stated that this was likely to do with the use of memory in learning new dance sequences.

Alongside this are the mental health benefits gained from dancing. Participating in dance classes can bring you closer to likeminded people and encourage social bonds, which we know are key in achieving great mental health outcomes as we age.

Boost your balance

It won’t come as a shock that dancing improves balance, but did you know it can also improve your level of “balance confidence”? Balance confidence refers to your level of confidence in maintaining balance and ability to remain steady. Multiple studies have found that those with improved levels of “balance confidence” are less likely to suffer a fall.

Get some cardio in

Dancing can improve your cardiovascular health, which will help to decrease your chances of developing heart disease. Unlike many other forms of cardio exercise, dancing is fairly low impact meaning it won’t place too much pressure on your bones and joints.

Remember, you don’t have to be Fred Astaire to enjoy this wonderful activity. Our dance participants will be able to tell you that our classes are welcoming and fun. Find out about our dance classes here.