The benefits of exercise for seniors



Getting active isn’t just for the young! Many people think that the older you get, the weaker you are and the more sedentary you become. It’s also common to think exercise can injure an elderly person. In reality, exercise and activity is an essential part of living a healthy life for anyone of any age, and brings with it a number of benefits. In fact, a lack of exercise in can be detrimental for someone in their later years! Not quite convinced? Here are some of the benefits of exercise for seniors:
Increased immunities – a body that is healthy and strong is better equipped for fighting off infection and sickness, reducing the occurrence and length of illness.


Stronger heart and lungs – regular exercise can help improve your cardiovascular system, as well as prevent heart and lung related diseases, including lowering high blood pressure.


Bone density – as we age we are more likely to lose bone mass. Exercise can help prevent and slow this process down, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


Body fat levels – carrying too much body fat is associated with several diseases, which increases the risk of these occurring with age. Exercise helps keep you at an appropriate weight.


Burnie Brae has a number of fitness activities for guests, including:


Aqua Aerobics – held at the Chermside Pool on Hamilton Road, this class is a great way to safely participate in a cardiovascular and light resistance workout – and to also cool down! This is great for those with lower fitness levels.


Fit Ball Fitness Class – utilising a fitness ball at its centre, this class will not only improve aerobic fitness and strength, but specifically challenge core & pelvic floor strength, stability and balance. It is more suited to those with a moderate or higher level of fitness.


Pilates and Yoga – relax and focus your mind while also improving flexibility, motion and posture all in one class.


Walking – walking is not only good for your health, it is also a great way to socialise and get out and about. Burnie Brae’s walking sessions require registration before the walk.


Zumba – a popular class among all ages, Zumba is a great way to get the heart racing. Burnie Brae’s Zumba classes are designed for over 50’s and is run by qualified Zumba instructors.


And many more! – Burnie Brae has lots of different fitness classes, with dancing and sports also available. Whatever you enjoy, there is sure to be a class to suit!


Want to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise or have a family member who may benefit from this? Check out the details on the website or ring 3624 2100 with your enquiries.