The benefits of Fit Ball Fitness


The simplicity of the Fit Ball translates into balance! Because the ball demands balance, you’ll work muscles you never knew you had or challenge them in a different way. The trial of maintaining perfect posture, on a round and mobile surface can be invigorating, fun and amazingly effective in building functional strength, and challenging your abdominal and back muscles like nothing else!

The Fit Ball was originated for rehabilitation purposes (spinal injuries), but now it has crossed over to a wide variety of training types. The Fit Ball is a great tool for incorporating spinal stabilization, core strength and endurance, and balance and coordination to any routine.

The versatile nature of the training is designed to improve balance, body awareness, coordination and posture. There are different positions and exercises where this can be used so it will never be boring. The training is considered to be the most effective exercise tool to improve and develop pelvic, shoulder and spine stability because the person has no other support to rely own except his or her own body.

Fit Ball Fitness at Burnie Brae

Thursday morning

7.45am – 8.45am

Cost: $6 members $8 non-members

“Exercising with a big ball sounded daunting but I had to try it even if it meant falling off! After a couple of classes, I became totally confident and the benefits are awesome!! Renee our instructor guides us through improving our balance, and strengthening every muscle in our bodies. A wonderful, wonderful class – I’m hooked!!!