Did you know that you can change your Home Care Package provider?

Having a Home Care Package provider that meets your needs, aligns with your values and supports your goals is crucial for a positive experience when receiving help at home.

Too often, however, an older person can feel like they need to simply be grateful for the support they’re receiving and that once they’ve signed up with one provider, that’s it. Well, good news - you are in control of YOUR Home Care Package and can change provider if you choose!

Regardless of whether you’ve been with your package provider for 6 months or 6 years, you have the ultimate choice as to who provides your care and services. Therefore, you can decide when the relationship might come to an end. There are some points, however, that often stop many people from changing providers, such as:

What about my support worker? While I don’t feel happy with my provider, I really love the visits from my support worker.

The good news – you can change provider and request to still have your services delivered by that support worker via a brokerage arrangement. This simply requires a conversation between you and the new package provider prior to signing up. Alternatively, you can work with your new package provider to find the right support worker to match your needs, interests and goals.

What about all of my unspent funds?

The good news – these funds move with your package, so rest assured that your new provider will receive access to those funds and support you to spend those on any care and services you may need, in alignment with your Care Plan goals.

I’m worried about being charged to leave my current provider.

The good news – if you have agreed to an ‘Exit Fee’ for leaving your current package provider, this should have been considered alongside any unspent funds and therefore can be negotiated at the time of exit. If you need support to have these conversations, your new provider can assist, with your permission.

While there are processes involved in relation to notifying My Aged Care (for a new referral code), checking timeframes (for when you can move to your new package provider) as well as new paperwork to complete, your new package provider can help to explain these steps clearly and easily, ensuring that you are comfortable before making the move.

If you would like to speak with one of Burnie Brae’s Home Care Package experts about changing providers or have any questions, phone (07) 3624 2121 today!

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