Tips for seniors living alone


It is normal to want to stay in your own home for as long as possible as you age. However, it is important to take certain steps to ensure your safety and comfort, especially when living alone. Listed below are five quick tips to improve safety.

Get to know your neighbours
Taking the time to get to know your neighbours is not only a good way to stay social but can also help you to feel safer in your own home. Having a person you trust close by is incredibly important as you get older.

Have a system for checking in
Set up a system for checking in with family and friends at regular intervals. This can be a phone call or a quick face-to-face catch up. Not only does this bring social benefits, but it is also a way of making sure that if anything happens, loved ones know about it.

Consider putting a lock box on your door
A lock box is a safe way to store a key that can only be opened by those given the access code. A lock box allows trusted family and friends to access your home when you are unable to get to the door, for example in the event of a fall or illness.

Create an emergency contact list
To ensure safety and proper care in the event of an accident or injury, develop a list of emergency contacts and keep it by the phone. This list should include medical professionals, family members and friends.

Keep a list of medication handy
Keeping a list of the medication you currently take as well as any other important medical information, such as any allergies close by can be life saving in a medical emergency. The best place to keep this information is your wallet or a highly visible place such as your refrigerator.