Warm Your Muscle Aches & Pains Away with a Therapeutic Massage


At some point in our lives keeping up with the physical pace of life has added stress on our bodies resulting in muscle aches and pains. This can be a result of general tension held in various areas of the body, over-use of a muscle during physical activity or a sprain or strain from injury.

We are particularly susceptible to this during the cooler months. For many of us managing a health condition specifically effecting the muscles and joints such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lupus, through to those of us experiencing a common cold; muscular aches and pains are commonly experienced. There are various ways to help relieve this pain at home by ensuring you rest the area and manage your pain levels.

For effective and fast results, a therapeutic massage will relieve your muscular pain in a number of ways. The increase in blood circulation and the slight friction created by the therapist’s hands produces a warm sensation allowing muscles to relax, easing pain and reducing inflammation. Massage techniques applied help to trigger hormonal responses in the brain, releasing Oxytocin and other natural ‘feel good’ hormones that relax the muscles and calm the nervous system; encouraging your body to heal and ease the pain away.

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