Learn basic internet and computer skills on your device whether it be a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The free classes offer a fun, friendly, relaxed environment and are personalised to you. Our friendly trainers will understand your needs to provide you with new skills and confidence, whether you have limited or no computer experience. We can assist with both Android and Apple devices.


Free 1-hour appointment (one-on-one)

9 – 3pm  Wednesday & Friday  |  Bookings essential

Burnie Brae Activity Room –  60 Kuran Street, Chermside


Example Topics to Learn 

Communicate: talk to friends and family anywhere in the world using programs such as Skype. Sign up and learn how to use Facebook.

Shopping: shop for clothes, household items, music, movies, order meals, and groceries online.

Photos: capture, manage and share photos with your friends and family.

Movies: hire movies or sign up and use services such as Netflix and Stan.

Banking: utilise internet banking for secure, online access to a range of banking features such as managing your accounts and payments.

Forms: lodge forms with health providers and some government organisations such as passport application, tax, and housing.

Security: learn how to be aware of online scams and fraud and avoid becoming a target. Find out how to ensure that your information, privacy and finances are protected when you are connected to today’s online world.

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