Changing Your Home Care Package Provider

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Learn about changing Home Care Package providers

Having a Home Care Package provider that aligns with your needs, values, and goals is vital for a positive home care experience. The good news is that you have the power to choose and change your provider at any time, whether you've been with them for 6 months or 6 years.

However, some common concerns often deter people from making this change, including:

What about my support worker? Although I'm dissatisfied with my current provider, I value the visits from my support worker.

The positive news is that you can change your provider and request to continue receiving services from your preferred support worker through a brokerage arrangement. This only requires a discussion between you and the new package provider before committing.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with your new package provider to find a support worker who best aligns with your needs, interests, and goals.

What about my unspent funds?

Your unspent funds are transferrable with your package. Your new provider will have access to these funds and will assist you in utilising them for any necessary care and services, in accordance with your Care Plan goals.

I'm concerned about potential charges for leaving my current provider.

If you have agreed to an 'Exit Fee' with your current package provider, it should have been considered in conjunction with any unspent funds and can be negotiated at the time of your exit. If you require assistance with these discussions, your new provider can provide support with your consent.

Your new provider can streamline and clarify the necessary steps, including notifying My Aged Care for a new referral code, determining transition timelines, and handling new paperwork to ensure your comfort before proceeding with the change.

Call 3624 2121 to speak with Burnie Brae's Home Care Package experts about provider changes or any questions you may have.

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