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Imagine starting your day with a fun dance and fitness class, followed by a friendly game of cards and maybe an art class thrown in. All of this—and so much more—is possible at Burnie Brae.

Our revolving door of activities cater to a range of interests, allowing our members to connect with each other and stay active through experiences they really enjoy.

Our classes and activities range in price from $5 to $15 per session. We host most of our activities in the Burnie Brae Hall and the Fitzgibbon Community Centre.

Check out the weekly timetable below to find an activity you’ll love.



Burnie Brae Hall
60 Kuran Street
Chermside QLD 4032


Fitzgibbon Community Centre
545 Roghan Road
Fitzgibbon QLD 4018





Fit Moves

This is a fun way to increase the heart rate, raise metabolism, improve balance and coordination, burn calories and work on increasing strength and endurance!


Cards 500

Similar to Euchre but with some modifications, 500 is the card game extraordinaire of antipodeans, even though it was actually invented in the United States



Play a game of chess for fun or to challenge one another!


Movement & Dance

We start on the barre with some Ballet strengthening and stretching exercises, then move to the centre for some slow combinations.



Expand your vocabulary and keep your brain active with a challenging game of Scrabble.


Tap Class

If you are comfortable with the basics of tap, and want a little more challenge, then join us!


Singing Group

Learn breathing exercises before practicing singing as a group to a variety of great songs.


Ukulele Jam Session

Join us for this fun Ukulele session! This 2-hour upbeat class will provide you with heaps of great songs, warm-up chord drills, tips and tricks.


Technology Sessions

Learn how to connect with others online, access services and explore your interests. Sessions are available Tuesday - Friday, call 3624 2110 to book.


Beginner's Guitar and Ukulele

The sessions are social gatherings where you will get the opportunity to play basic popular songs on acoustic guitar alongside others of a similar ability level


Walking Group (on hold)

Meet at the Kedron Wavell Services Club complex, to the left of the HQ Cafe at 3:20pm and walk to 7th Brigade Park, for this regular Heart Foundation walk

Aqua Aerobics

Exercise in the water with our Aqua Aerobics classes. Improve your fitness with a great all-over workout without the risk of injury. Run by qualified instructors, this activity is held at the Chermside Pool, beside the Chermside Library.

Chermside Pool
375 Hamilton Road
Chermside QLD 4032

Functional Fitness

This is a specialised fitness class aimed at improving everyday functionality and health including muscular strength and endurance, aerobic fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination. This class is available at both the Burnie Brae Centre and the Fitzgibbon Community Centre.

Due to COVID-19, you will be required to bring your own mat.

Matwork Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing. The class is conducted by an exercise physiologist at the Burnie Brae Centre.

Due COVID-19, you will be required to bring your own mat.

Mindful Yoga

Increase your awareness of your body and breath while improving your mobility and flexibility. Bring along a mat, blanket or towel. Classes are instructed by Sandi, who has been a yoga practitioner for 35 years.

Qigong (Tai Chi)

This class focuses on slow-flowing, continuous movements and deep breathing to assist in improving balance, strength, coordination, and releasing stress and tension.


This class is an eclectic, contemporary blend of gentle yoga postures and it includes the opportunity to go into some stronger versions if desired. The class will focus on strength, flexibility, breathing, relaxation and generally getting to know the body and learning to be in the body. It can almost become a moving meditation and will assist in improving wellbeing in a nurturing environment.

Due to COVID-19, you will be required to bring your own mat.

Walking group

Run by the Heart Foundation, you can join us in walking from the Kedron Wavell Services Club complex to 7th Brigade Park weekly. Find more information about the group on the Heart Foundation’s site here.

Visit the website

Art class

Learn art techniques and develop skills at your own pace in a fun and social group. All students are welcome, from beginners to advanced students. The class is held weekly in the activity room at Burnie Brae Hall—ask at reception for directions.

Computer classes

Learn basic internet and computer skills on your smartphone, tablet or laptop in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Our trainers understand your needs, so they can personalise the class to you, no matter your experience level. Find out more here.

Visit our technology training page

Craft Workshops

A Brisbane City Council active and healthy lifestyle program providing art and craft activities, instructed by a qualified craft teacher at $5 per workshop. All materials are supplied. The workshops are held in the activity room at Burnie Brae Hall—ask at reception for directions.


Come and join in this fun jam session, with heaps of great songs, warm-up chord drills, and tips and tricks. You’ll have the opportunity to learn lots of new songs in this two-hour class.

Ukulele Beginners

Learn to make music, have fun, meet other like-minded people, sing and strum along to so many songs.

Our ukulele Beginner Class is perfect for those totally new to Ukulele and those who have a little bit of prior knowledge. This class is continuous, so you can learn at your own pace.

Once you reach a competent level, you can start attending the Friday Fun Jam sessions, and you’re welcome to continue attending the beginner class as well if you like.


Meet each week for a fun two-hour session. Come along and develop your skills in a social and friendly atmosphere. All equipment is supplied. We meet in the activity room at the Burnie Brae Centre—ask at reception for directions.

Indoor Bowls

This is a very popular activity and is held in the main hall at Burnie Brae Centre. New members who have never played are most welcome! All equipment is supplied.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a great way to have fun and keep fit at the same time. Come along to this two-hour session played in the main hall at Burnie Brae Centre. All equipment is supplied.


Clogging is a percussive dance form that originated in the Appalachian Mountains and has similarities to Irish and tap dancing. It utilises a wide variety of musical genres including, country, bluegrass, pop, hip hop and even Latin. Classes are conducted by Nathan Ballard and Amanda Lim and they are suitable for all levels. Each class starts with 30 minutes of FUNdamentals to prepare any first timers/beginners for a basic class.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is the best form of exercise to improve balance, mobility and motor skills while having fun and gliding around the dance floor. The first hour starts off with beginners and the second hour focuses on the intermediate dancers. You will learn four specific dances each month, finishing off the month with a super night. With 34 years of experience, Kelly is a professional ballroom dancer who is delighted to teach you all styles of Ballroom, New Vogue, and Latin dancing.

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