Fitness Activities

Core & Balance

Centered around Pilates, incorporating a mix of standing and floor exercises with equipment like the Swiss Ball, Pilates ball and resistance bands.

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Functional Fitness

Specialised fitness class, aimed at improving everday functionality and health.

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Matwork Pilates

A full-body workout focusing on posture, stability, strength, flexibility and breathing.

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Men's Yoga

Challenge your flexibility, strength and awareness! Our instructor, Paul will guide you through standing, seated and supine poses.

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Tai Chi (Qigong)

Gentle movements, postures and breathing techniques for balance, strength and stress relief.

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Stability & Mobility

Experience a unique yoga style for enhanced stability and mobility, building a resilient, injury-proof body.

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Standing Pilates

Improve your core strength, balance, confidence and coordination with our unique blend of seated and standing Pilates exercises.

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Increase your awareness of your body and breath while improving your mobility and flexibility.

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