Member Story: Donna

Burnie Brae and Healthy Connections member Donna is doing her personal best for Australian hearts, and you can help!

Donna’s story

In only her second year involved with MyMarathon, Donna is planning to complete at least one marathon of 42.2 kilometres (over the month) to raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research. MyMarathon gives the opportunity to run a marathon in your own time and at your own pace, while doing good at the same time. Donna says, ‘It’s all about doing something for someone else, doing it for people who can’t, and funding a cause that will help yourself or others in the future.’

Donna told us she’s always kept healthy and never smoked. So, it came as a surprise when 10 years ago she went to the dentist with a toothache, and eight days later ended up having triple bypass surgery, due to a heart condition.

Sadly, her dad passed away from the same disease when he was in his 40s, and Donna’s sister also has the same heart condition. Donna is now an inspiration at 71 years old. She joined Burnie Brae in 2017 and takes part in Matwork Pilates classes at the Centre, and is a member at Healthy Connections Clinic, participating in member sessions generally three times a week. During lockdown she kept moving and joined the Healthy Connections Zoom classes. She also enjoys regular massages with Pearl.

Donna loves getting her Healthy Connections exercise programs and being regularly reassessed. She enjoys the community vibe and inclusive environment, where people know your name and welcome you. Her advice to others is to keep moving! Donna uses her Fitbit to track her steps as she enjoys getting outside and letting the fresh air de-stress her, walking around her surrounding suburbs and being in touch with nature.

When speaking about the cause, Donna said, ‘I’ve signed up for MyMarathon because I want to show my support for the thousands of men and women living with heart disease in Australia. I want to do something to help. You can too! Join me in supporting Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page, right here and now. Together, we can win the race against heart disease.’

MyMarathon and how your support can help

We all know or love someone who has been impacted by heart disease. Around 50 lives are lost each day in Australia due to coronary heart disease, more than any other cause, and it has a profound impact on the families left behind. Now there’s something everybody can do to help.

The Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon is an opportunity to help raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research, while challenging yourself to walk or run 42.2 km over hours, days or weeks during October, and this is the challenge Donna has taken on. You can do MyMarathon anywhere, from your backyard, to your local park, or your nearest city block. You can do it on your own, or as part of a team with friends or colleagues.

If you have heart disease, or if you’ve suffered a heart attack, it’s normal to worry about how physical activity might impact your health. Chat to your GP about your goals and concerns and take a slow and steady approach based on their advice. By walking or running a marathon during October, you are not only looking after your own heart health, but you’re also raising money to help the Heart Foundation fund lifesaving heart disease research.

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