Home Care Package Considerations


Home Care Package: 6 Key Considerations

What am I entitled to spend the package funds on?

Home Care Packages are consumer directed which means as long as your requirements fall within health and social care/ wellbeing and there are funds available in your home care package budget, you can choose how you would like the funds to benefit you. There are some limitations which can be found in our Home Care Agreement. You will also find information in the Agreement on what the Home Care Package funds can be used for.

What if I need a large purchase within my Home Care Package budget?

The budget accrues on a daily basis so in order to make larger purchases, funds need to have built up in your budget. The funds in the budget continue to roll over, however the budget starts at zero at the time of signing a Home Care Package agreement.

How are my fees calculated?

If you have been assigned a Home Care Package the first step is calculate your cost of care with the Department of Human Services. You can complete the assessment over the phone by calling the Department of Human Services on 1800 227 475 or DVA on 1800 555 254.

Depending on your circumstances you may be required to complete the assessment by lodging the Home Care Package Calculation of your cost of care form. This form can be provided on request. This assessment will determine if you are required to pay an Income Tested Care Fee. You can obtain an estimation of the potential contribution by using the fee calculator.

What is an Income Tested Fee?

An income tested care fee is an amount that the Department of Human Services will calculate based on your income that you must contribute towards your Home Care Package subsidy. The amount contributed by yourself will be deducted from the Home Care Package subsidy amount.

For example, a Home Care Package level 2 subsidy is currently $49.49 per day. If you are assessed to have an income tested care fee of $5.00 per day, the government will pay a subsidy of $44.49 per day which combined with your $5.00 contribution adds up to $49.49 per day.

What is a Basic Daily Care Fee?
Anyone with a Home Care Package may be asked by a provider to pay a Basic Daily Fee. This fee ranges from $10.88 - $12.14 per day depending on the package level. This fee is added on top of the daily subsidy amount. Burnie Brae does not ask home care package clients to pay this fee and are only instigating this payment in discussion with clients who may need extra funds to meet their care needs.

Is there a contingency of funds kept aside from my package?

You may choose to have a contingency amount on your Home CarePackage budget which can be useful for allocating funds for larger purchases in future. This will be a percentage of the daily subsidy which will be put aside in a contingency budget and discussed with your Care Coordinator.

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