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"Everything we do at Burnie Brae is driven through our mission to build strong community connections through the provision of high-quality health, lifestyle, and wellness services."

Andrew Watson | Burnie Brae CEO (2021 to present)

Burnie Brae Annual Report 2022-23

It was a proud moment this year when our organisation won the 2022 Leading Aged Services Australia Excellence in Aged Care Services Award. This prestigious award is not only just recognition of the unique model of community-focused care that is Burnie Brae, but more importantly acknowledgement of the dedication of our amazing and incredible workforce.


Burnie Brae Annual Report 2021-22


Global and local events continued to shape 2021–2022 and were certainly a significant theme for Burnie Brae. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to create challenges, the February 2022 floods had a significant material impact and we welcomed our new CEO, Andrew Watson.


Burnie Brae Annual Report 2020-21

Finding strength in community

Welcome to the 2021 executive summary from Board Chair Neville Mew and CEO Kevin Rouse, as we look at the operations and challenges of our second year of living with COVID-19.


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