A Bright New Chapter


Des’s heartwarming journey, filled with care and dedication, reflects the enduring power of love and the indomitable spirit of a man who found new purpose in life's most challenging moments.

From humble beginnings in Nambour to a beautiful family life with his late wife, Olive, including two sons and five cherished grandchildren, Des cherishes a life filled with love.

For over three decades, Des dedicated his career to Allan and Stark (now Myer), managing soft furnishings, and later co-founded an interior decorating business. In 1962, Des decorated the family home his father built for him, a place filled with cherished memories. He also shared a passion for ballroom dancing through teaching and performing.

Last year, a major health challenge left Des reliant on a walker and unable to drive, which felt like a loss of his independence. Des's daughter-in-law, Carrie summarised this period, saying, "A lot happened all at once, and he felt like his independence had been taken away."

During his hospital stay, Des discovered the art of knitting, crafting beanies and blankets for those in need. It rekindled memories of creating crochet squares for Olive to assemble into beautiful blankets.

But life took a brighter turn when Burnie Brae entered Des's life – breathing new life into his days. He and Home Care Coordinator Casey discussed his needs and goals to create a care plan. Supported by a Home Care Package, Des now receives help at home including cleaning, personal care, and shopping.

Home Care Package Coordinator, Casey

Des's first social outing with Support Worker Danny reignited his enthusiasm for revisiting places he hadn't seen in a long time.

Carrie shared, "Des can now enjoy more quality family time, whether it’s going out for a coffee or lunch. In the past, our time together was often consumed with everyday tasks like grocery shopping and running errands."

With Burnie Brae services in place, Carrie and her husband Troy (Des’s son) enjoyed their first vacation in two years, knowing Des would receive exceptional care. According to Carrie, "It's the small tasks that can be challenging, especially when we're busy with work or taking a break."

This story highlights the power of care and companionship during life's challenges. We can’t wait to see all the adventures Des will have with his Burnie Brae Support Workers!

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