Advance Care Planning

Your voice no matter what the future brings.

Regardless of your age or health status, it’s important to make your future health care preferences known. This allows you to discuss what living well means to you and consider who you would want to speak on your behalf if you became too unwell to speak for yourself.

Advance care planning is the process of planning for your future health care. It outlines the health/medical care you may or may not want if you became unwell or injured and couldn’t communicate or make decisions.

While the thought of having these tough and often sensitive conversations can seem daunting, setting aside the time now is important and a conversation that needs to be done well before you need it. Your loved ones and health team need to understand the things you value the most and what you might be willing to compromise on to be able to still do the things you love.

This enables you to live the life you want to live even if you become unwell. It also avoids doctors/medical teams using treatments you might not have wanted and your loved ones feeling concerned about making the wrong choices for you. Advance Care Planning Australia is funded by the Australian Government to help Australians be open, ready and heard when it comes to health preferences and choices.

Find out more information about how to develop your own Advance Care Plan here. Written by Aynsley Johnson Community Services Manager Burnie Brae.

If you’d like to speak with a member of the Burnie Brae Care Services team about support and planning for your future, please contact us today on (07) 3624 2121.

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