Member Story: Dianne

Di was born in Sydney in the 1950’s and moved to Queensland in 1981 with her family. Prior to having her children, she worked in the print trade, working in The Valley in Brisbane for some time.

After rearing her children, she became a volunteer in several organisations. She spent 10 years working for Meals on Wheels, as well as spending time with the Lions, helping in her church and of course, doing many things here at Burnie Brae.

She loved her years of voluntary work, saying ‘It was great to help people. It is just so fulfilling to go out of your comfort zone and be useful to others.’

She discovered Burnie Brae in the local paper and was living in Kedron at the time which was in walking distance from Burnie Brae Centre.

Di loves all the entertainment at Club Respite on Wednesdays. She especially loves to play bingo and even gets to call the bingo sometimes. Some of the highlights she noted are morning tea and lunch, the fact that transport is included, and the seated exercise. When speaking about her experience at Club Respite, she said, ‘It’s a fun time. I love being around people and interacting, and the people here are really lovely. It’s good to be around people who are different to you!’

I always ask people how they are going and what they do with their day. Some people say they don’t do very much, and my response is always ‘have you been to Burnie Brae?’

Di has been using Burnie Brae transport services for many years, and said, ‘I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without transport. I use it up to 5 times a week.’

Di loves singing and is a part of two choirs - one in Bald Hills and the other in Brighton. She also attends the Healthy Connections Clinic at Chermside once a fortnight. The Burnie Brae transport services takes her to appointments, grocery shopping and to Club Respite. After using Burnie Brae transport services for many years, Di said she’s been impressed by the reliable service provided.

Next time you see Di around the Centre, be sure to say hello!

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