Letters Across Time

Craigslea School

In a heartwarming intergenerational story, senior students from Craigslea State High School collaborated with local organisations, including Burnie Brae, for their Global Citizenship Projects.

Club Respite clients wrote letters to the students, sharing life tales and school recollections including horse-drawn cart and steam train journeys, and wartime memories. The students responded with their own school experiences and aspirations. These exchanges forged a special connection and led to an eagerly anticipated meeting last month.

Retired teacher Pat marvelled at students' diverse subjects and the evolving education landscape, revitalising her optimism for the future. She emphasised, “we hear about the troubled kids, but not the good ones. There’s a lot of them – I have so much hope for the future.”

Grace recalled wartime school days in Rockhampton, with air raid sirens and students seeking shelter in trenches. Mary, who grew up in Liverpool, found a connection with students who shared her UK roots and their shared love for music, especially The Beatles.

“Meeting them and finally putting faces to the names was wonderful.” Mary expressed.

Gwen grows orchids at home and connected with her pen pals through a shared passion for gardening, exchanging tips and insights. Meanwhile, Bev offered invaluable guidance to help the students transition into adulthood.

“I lived in Woombye and walked an hour and a half to the train for school. Today's kids wouldn't experience anything like that,” Bev reflected.

Di valued the camaraderie with the students and recalled sharing stories about leaving school at 14 to work full-time as a book binder. She extended her gratitude to Julie, our Respite Support Worker, for assisting with her letters due to her dyslexia. Di emphasised the importance of intergenerational bonds, especially for kids without grandparents or those who have limited communication.

The project highlighted the power of shared stories and connections across generations, leaving a heartwarming impact on all involved.

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