Shining a light on the important work of our volunteers 

At Burnie Brae, we are very grateful and humbled when members of our community choose to dedicate their time and effort into volunteering for us. Our volunteers bring so much value to our community and society and we are lucky to have a team of about 55 volunteers who support several of our programs.  

Every day at Burnie Brae, volunteers help by preparing food hampers, doing some gardening, being a technology tutor, assisting with activities, driving our cars to make sure clients and members travel safely to appointments, and so much more.  

All our volunteers are special, and we would not be able to provide all our services without their assistance.  

Our volunteers who work in transport help by covering paid driver’s shifts when they are on holidays or unwell. They will also often stay back to help with client trips that have been booked in without pickup times. Without these dedicated volunteer drivers, we would certainly not be able to extend our transport service to as many clients as we currently do.  

Mahalia Jamison from Burnie Brae’s Transport team remembers a time where volunteer driver Graeme Hartley epitomised the generous nature that all our volunteers display daily.  

“A client had left a gift bag with Graeme to give to someone as a thank you, but forgot she left her own house keys inside the bag. Graeme realised the mistake and removed the keys before returning them to the client when his shift was over.  

“There are countless other examples where a volunteer driver has dropped in forgotten handbags, walking sticks or items of clothing on their way home after their shift. 

“They are the face of Burnie Brae and they do a wonderful job not only driving but helping our clients with their groceries and their walkers.” 

Project Pantry is another service we have been providing for over 15 years thanks to volunteers. This food support program began in 2008 to help pensioners save money on basic food items. Low-cost staple foods and fresh fruit and vegetables are provided to older people on an aged pension and individuals receiving a disability pension. With inflation and costs of living still on the rise, initiatives like Project Pantry help those on a pension battle the rising cost of food.  

If you are finding it tough to make ends meet and are receiving an aged or disability pension, our Project Pantry team may be able to help. Please contact Reception for more information.  

If you would like to use your talents and skills to contribute to the Burnie Brae community as a volunteer, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator on 3624 2109.  

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