The Legacy of Walter Morton

Walter Morton

Building Community and Changing Lives at Burnie Brae

Walter Morton, the esteemed president of the Chermside Rotary Club, recognised the need for a senior's centre in the community during the 1980s. Through tireless fundraising efforts at the flea markets in Marchant Park, Walter garnered support, and the government stepped in to match donations.

The captivating photographs document the early stages of the Burnie Brae Centre's construction and the grand opening event attended by special guests including Walter Morton and the Governor.

Reflecting on the Burnie Brae Centre today, Walter's daughter Roslyn remarked, "Dad would be so proud of what it's become, especially with the addition of the respite centre.”

Walter exemplified selflessness throughout his life. As Chairman of the Prince Charles Hospital for ten years, he generously donated every cent he earned back to the hospital. His remarkable service during World War II as a bomber pilot also earned him the distinguished flying cross.

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Inspired by her father's legacy, Roslyn strives to honour his memory and give back to the community each day. Roslyn has participated in many charitable events, including Beanies for Brain Cancer, swimming 11km to raise money for the Children's Hospital and has her sights set on hosting the World's Biggest Morning Tea in the coming year.

Roslyn has embraced many of Burnie Brae’s offerings over the years – attending craft workshops, art classes and technology lessons. Following her osteoporosis diagnosis, she has also been attending exercise physiology sessions at Healthy Connections to support her health.

Roslyn reflected, "I remember telling my father, 'I bet you never imagined that Burnie Brae would someday help your own daughter.'"

In her personal time, Roslyn enjoys tending to her vegetable garden, a shared passion with her beloved father who found joy in cultivating bonsai trees. Roslyn and her carer, Millie, engage in friendly competition by setting daily step goals and playing brain puzzles.

Together, Walter and Roslyn Morton exemplify the power of compassion, resilience, and community. Their stories illuminate the profound impact of Burnie Brae and the unwavering spirit of those who strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

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